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Did You Check Out Colab?​

The Google Colaboratory web service (Colab) is probably the quickest way to run Bean Machine. For example, here is what our Coin Flipping tutorial looks like on Colab. Similar links can be found for each of our tutorials in the Tutorials section.


Python 3.7-3.10 and PyTorch 1.12.

Latest Release​

Using pip you can get the latest release with the following command:

pip install beanmachine

Installing From Source​

To install from source, the first step is to clone the git repository:

git clone
cd beanmachine

We recommend using conda to manage the virtual environment and install the necessary build dependencies.

conda create -n {env name} python=3.8; conda activate {env name}
conda install -c conda-forge boost-cpp eigen=3.4.0 # C++ dependencies
pip install .

If you are a developer and plan to experiment with modifying the code, we recommend replacing the last step above with:

pip install -e ".[dev]"